The Valsabbina Group started up in 1972 as an iron and steel business; always committed to sustainable development, in 2006 Valsabbina Commodities S.p.A. was founded to develop new projects in the dynamic and ever-growing world of renewable energy and electric mobility. In 2012 the founders decided to develop a technological product able to improve the lives of those who use it: this is how Valsabbina started to produce Brinke e-bikes. For this company, we embarked on a path that started with the naming process, leading to the definition of the Brinke brand, developed by following customer profiling. The brand positioning activity was aimed at improving the brand by way of every possible communication tool, both offline and online: from the creation of a website to the production of a range of printed material (brochures, POP material, postcards), from social network management to press office, up to the organization of events designed to engage both public and journalists with dedicated activities.