Luca Borsoni - Partner

The lead climber - he leads the team through the arduous trails of marketing. His steps, moving footsteps, draw unique paths.

Chief Executive Officer

Cristina Pasini - Partner

The smiling willow - strong roots and feisty branches… together with a penchant for unique style.

Client Services Director & Stylist

Alice Palumbo - Partner

The north star - cornerstone and trustworthy guide, she points out the way to go, carefully arranging each strategy.


Marina Busi

The nightingale - her gentleness is her strenght: with clear and sharp tunes, she defines paths without any hesitation.

Project Leader & Strategist

Valentina Bonazza

The woodpecker - with resolution, tenacity and precision, she aims for the goal and the perfect shape comes out.

Project Leader

Ilaria Rossi

The tennis player - precise, quick and original, with her creativity she scores every single service.

Brand Designer

Dalida Gnocchi

The arrow - reserved and sensible, she strikes you with the right idea... in the right moment.

Brand Designer

Gabriele Marchina

The hound - with his nose and his sensitivity, he always finds the treasure hidden inside every brand

Brand & Video Designer

Vladimir Motroi

The tornado - his vitality and his enthusiasm make every situation easy to face.

Video Designer

Francesca Rumi

The chef - words and concepts, garnish with a creativity sauce. She cooks ideas 24/7.

Design Thinking Specialist

Pietro Peduzzi

The herald - he already knows what’s happening, even before you start talking about it.

Press Officer & Social Media Specialist

Yuliya Drozdova

The carillon - her energy and her enthusiasm make every connection an easy thing.

Press Officer & Social Media Specialist

Alessia Pecchini

The lightning - Fast and sharp, his ideas are clear-cut, a light in the jungle of communication.

Press Officer & Social Media Specialist

Daniela Ippolito

The compass - she never loses the right direction, even when the road gets rough.

Media & Event Planner

Davide Carbonini

The solution man - he has answers and solutions for everything... online and offline.

Head of UX/UI & Software Architect

Nicola Sabaini

The zen code - he hides a gentle soul under an imperturbable look... and an inclination to code.

Software Developer

Paola Gnutti

The right-hand man - Like Mr Wolf, she solves problems. She’s the right person who can give you quick solutions.

Assistant Controller