We have been infected by a fierce and revolutionary idea: the give back, giving something back to the territory in a disinterested way, as a sign of gratitude for what was given to us and for what is still being given. In recent years, we have created and participated in projects that we hope are leaving a mark in the cultural, educational and social world: we take care of them, we feed them, we always try to turn them into events that are important even for a public beyond the borders of Brescia.


We nurture talent: with the “alternation school-work”, ASborsoni welcomes and forms each year about thirty students attending the last three years of the high school.
It is their first work experience in a company: let's make sure that it stimulates these guys and leaves them a tangible, formative and concrete sign.
We involve them in any project: content, pr, graphics and programming.
It is a fruitful experience for us too.


We infect guys with a story, our story: with Aib Giovani Imprenditori, a project we are part of, we go to the chair, without presumptions, to tell the students of the schools our experience and the vision that inspires us and to infuse them enthusiasm for culture business.
We work on human capital: tile a close network, made of continuous exchanges with the school, is a good way to build the future, shaping the ruling class of tomorrow.


Shared tables, a refined mise en place, an imperative color to comply with and a urban scenery to rediscover and transform with a choral performance: the idea behind Celacena (Convivio urbano) is to create an unconventional and fleeting meeting in a place - a square, a courtyard, a street - which remains secret until 24 hours before the event. As far as guest outfit and space design are concerned, guests need to reinterpret a theme and a color in a personal way.
Magic disappears after a few hours, at midnight, without leaving any trace and leaving the place chosen for the event immaculate.
Edition after edition, the name and the beauty of Celacena spread: every year, thousands of people want to taste this magical suggestion.


With our experience and creativity, we have contributed, together with Albatros Film and Nuovo Eden, to give always new perspectives to the event: a short film festival more than ten years old which spread on the Italian and international scene, attracting hundreds of creatives from all over the world. It is a forge of talents at the perpetual quest for muse, able to tell stories with an unusual and unconventional language dense of suggestions.



“We run together, the more we are the more we give”.
This is the motto of the Santa Run, the charity run organized in Santa Margherita Ligure. A worderful collaboration, with the Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria and the Triregionale Committee of the Convention of Santa Margherita Ligure and Rapallo of which we are enthusiastic supporters. With our creativity we support and make the project viral, in all its phases.


p>7milamiglialontano follows a visionary passion for art, existential adventure and  creative and solidarity journey around the world. Free, non-party and non-profit, always looking for new perspectives, the association involves photographers, video-makers, writers and fans in a single itinerary divided into seven paths. The end is beneficial: over the years, 7milamiglialontano journeys financed dozens of associations and projects around the world.
We have been infected by this experience, of which we are technical sponsors: it is similar to our indole and inclination to discovery.



A column worn out by the bomb as a memento mori, an engraved number and a sober poster colored in red: "40 years always for the truth." Among the projects, we are intimately most linked to and fueled the spirit of Renato Borsoni and our attachment to the city, there is the one of Casa della Memoria.
The bomb exploded at 10 and 12 minutes on May 28th, 1974: every year, the association created by the family members of the Loggia massacre victims, who have never stopped looking for historical and procedural truth, recalls the anniversary with commemorations, meetings and testimonies. We, members of Asborsoni, keep memory alive in our own way: with images and words destined to remain carved.